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Tibetan Terrier Pet Portraits by Melanie Phillips

tibetan terrier pet portraits


Reference Photos

Black Labrador reference photo.
Black Labrador pet portraits
Arthur the black labrador

Tibetan Terrier Pet Portraits - 'Arthur'

Caroline (UK) emailed to ask if I would be able to draw their gorgeous Tibetan Terrier called Hollie. Sadly Hollie passed away at 15 and a half and Caroline decided to commission a portrait of Hollie for her mums 60th Birthday. I was so excited to receive photos of Hollie and have the opportunity to draw her as we have our very own Tibetan Terrier called Lily and i hadn’t yet been given the change to draw a Tibetan terrier!

Anyone who owns or knows a Tibetan Terrier will understand how comical, mischievous, naughty, loving, happy go lucky, cuddly ....and intelligent they are. They are known as 'the little people' as it is often like having a 2 year old around the home. They will steal things from you and play with them...chew them if you aren’t careful. Although Lily has never chewed or destroyed anything including her soft toys which is quite incredible. Their favourite game is to steal something of yours and show you they have it...and then make you chase them. Chasing is their favourite game. Each time I make the bed, Lily will hear and come running. She will jump on it and stretch out so that i have to make it around her. Any attempt to move her becomes a game. She will go into the bow position and the game is on!

It was really lovely conversing with Caroline about Hollie and i thoroughly enjoyed drawing her. The portrait was drawn at 12 x 10 size and you can see the final scan above with the reference photos I used and some photos below of the finished drawing with my pencils on for scale. I have also added a photo I took when the drawing of Teasel was still here. You can see both drawings together and they make a lovely pair, although they are for separate clients. The final photo is of the drawing when Caroline had it framed and it as hanging in situ in her mums home. You can read a testimonial from Caroline below.


Hi Melanie!
My mum picked Hollie up today from the framing shop! She's so happy, thank you so much. I'll get a picture of us standing next to her when I'm next round and I'll send it to you. :D
Caroline X


tibetan terrier pet portraits tibetan terrier pet portraits tibetan terrier pet portraits tibetan terrier pet portraits


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