fine art pencil pet portraits by commission

Dog Pet Portraits

Welcome to my dog pet portraits pencil drawing of Teasel. This was a wonderful portrait and one of my favourite drawings I have completed. Teasel's eyes were just so beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed drawing her for my clients. Read about the commission and see a really lovely photo of Paula with the portrait below.

Dog Pet Portraits

The Dog Portrait in Pencil

Here are a couple of photos I took before packing the portrait and sending to Paula. The close up photos show the portrait a little better than the straight on one.

Dog Pet Portraits
Dog Pet Portraits
Dog Pet Portraits

About The Dog Pet Portrait Commission of Teasel

Reference photo

Paula from the UK emailed me in 2016 to enquire about commissioning a pencil drawing of her beautiful dog called Teasel. Sadly Teasel has passed away and Paula wanted a reminder of of Teasel to bring back the lovely memories they shared.

Paula had a lovely photo of Teasel and was one she felt really captured her personality and character well. You can see the photo on the left.

It was perfect for a portrait and Paula decided to go for the 12 x 10 size drawing. As you can see in the final drawing above and the photo to the left, Teasel's eyes are just adorable. She was such a pleasure to draw and I loved every minute of it.

Paula had Teasel's portrait framed locally to her and very kindly emailed me a photo along with one of the loveliest testimonials I have ever received.

Client Feedback

Dear Melanie.....
I picked up my portrait today and I have to tell you it is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! You have captured her spirit beautifully and the kindness she had in her soul shone through those big brown eyes.

You are IMMENSELY talented portrait artist, I cannot thank you enough. I was quite emotional opening it but they were happy tears, it almost felt as though she was back with me, words cannot express my gratitude.

I am delighted that Teasel appears on your website too, HUGE SMILE, she had that endearing scruffy look about her. Through you we have the most BEAUTIFUL tribute of our very very special little lady. It will take pride of place in our lounge.
Kindest regards, Paula

The Portrait with Paula

Paula very kindly had a photo taken of herself with the portrait of Teasel so that I could see the portrait framed. Isn't it wonderful! Thank you so much Paula!!!

Dog Pet Portraits

Video of the portrait

I also took some video of Teasel's portrait before I packed it up along with a photo of another 12 x 10 pencil portraits I completed just prior to Teasel's drawing which was waiting to be sent to my clients. Its not often that I have two portraits here at the same time, so I took the opportunity to take a quick photo of them both together before they were packed up.


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If you like the portrait of Teasel and would like to have a drawing similar for you or your friends and family, why not email me via my contact page and let me know your ideas. I look forward to hearing from you!