fine art pencil pet portraits by commission

Pencil Portraits Commission Information

Welcome to my pencil portraits commission information page! If you would like to ask me any questions you are more than welcome to Email at any time, dont forget to scroll down for my FAQ's!

Step 1 - Gather Photos

Commission Information

The first step is to send photos of your pets. Photos are Key! If you are taking photos specifically for a portrait, I always advise taking as many as you can so that you have plenty to choose from. It really will be worth all of the effort as this stage is the most important. If you need help taking photos I have a photography tips page which you might find useful. Treats always come in handy!

If your pet has sadly passed, try to gather all of the photos you have of them so that we have plenty of choice when it comes to deciding which photo would be the most suitable. Not forgetting that although i usually work form one main photo for the pose, others can come in very handy. For instance, I can often add a different head onto a different neck or body, add in tails, ears, paws etc.

It's ideal also at this stage to think about the size of portrait and let me know your ideas.


Step 2- Contact me

Commission Information

Once you have gathered all of your photos send them all to me. I can be contacted via email, WhatsApp or Messenger. Please be aware that photos sent via WhatsApp or Messenger are automatically reduced in size so I may ask for a few to be sent via email once we have everything arranged. As mentioned above the quality of photos are absolutely key.

I will then create you a mock-up of how your portrait might look. Using your photos I can erase the background and turn it into black and white to show you how for instance a head study using that photo might look. This helps us both to visualise what the end result might be like. This is really helpful if you have two or more pets within the scene and or background etc.



Step 3- Deposit and commissions list

Commission Information

When the design of the portrait has been agreed, the next stage is for you to place a deposit and for me to add you to my commissions list. My commissions list is a private page only for my clients to view and you can watch your portrait rise in the list over the coming weeks.

I accept most forms of payment including debit, credit card and Amex. All overseas clients will receive an invoice with an integral payment button, completely safe and secure.

My preferred method of payment for my UK clients is bank transfer however I also accept debit and credit card too. Clients can also call me in the studio to place their order over the phone.



Step 4 - Framing

Commission Information

Framing is optional and if you have a local framer near to you, that’s perfect! If you are commissioning the drawing for a specific date it is always best to book a space with your framer as they often work to a timetable, especially the good ones!

If you would like my framer Amanda to frame your portrait for you, I would be delighted to arrange it. Many clients like to have everything completed so that when the drawing arrives it is ready to display on the wall.

Amanda has so much choice, so many wonderful mouldings to choose from. I have a framing gallery where you can see some frames to choose from, however if you are looking for something specific, just let me know and we can look at the many frame options available.


Step 5 - Final Payment and your drawing

Commission Information

Once the final payment has been made, usually in the same way as you placed the deposit, I will then start your drawing. I work full time as an artist and draw every day and have done for the last 24 years! My drawings take between 1 to 3 weeks to create depending on the scale and complexity. Obviously the larger the drawing and the more pets within the scene the longer it will take.

Once the pencil drawing is complete I email you a range of photos for your approval. I like to take photos from different angles so that you can really get a feel for what the drawing is like. If there is anything your would like tweaked or changed, things can be slightly altered at this point. From the feedback I receive from clients they always say the drawings are better in the flesh than the photos - which is wonderful news! The pencil portrait can then be framed, if you are ordering a frame from me


Step 6 - Courier

Commission Information

Once everything is complete it can take a number of hours to pack the portraits, particularly if the drawing is framed. My portraits travel far and wide, so they need to be packed extremely well for their journey.

I always start by wrapping it in cellophane and then use a combination of foam wrap, hardboard and a specialist double walled cardboard box for paintings.

I am all for recycling and reusing so if your portrait arrives with a variety of bubble wrap or packaging, its because I have reused it from parcels that have arrive here. Everything can be either be reused or recycled when it gets to you.

I then book the portrait in with the courier on an expedited tracked service. Tracking is always available to see where your parcel is at all times!


Pencil Portraits Frequently Asked Questions

What are your pencil portrait prices?

I have lots of prices and sizes available and I can also create bespoke sizes too. Have a look on my dedicated Pencil Portrait Prices page found in my navigation above.

What is your waiting time?

I have a continual waiting list for my pencil portraits all year round. If you are hoping to commission a pencil drawing as a gift for friends and family, contact me as soon as you can so that we can discuss your deadline and options.

Do you accept commissions worldwide?

I have been commissioned to create pencil portraits from many places all around the world over the last 22 years. I find it fascinating to chat to clients from all walks of life.

Do you work from photographs

I use one main photo for the pose for my pencil portraits. I am unable to look at a range of photos and create your pet in a pose. So it's important to find or take a photo that really captures your pet well. Photos are key and it is imperative to provide me with the best possible quality photo you can. My pencil portraits are fairly realistic so I need to see plenty of detail and I am unable to work from low resolution photos or any that are blurred or out of focus. Why not have a look at my photography tips page to see the kind of photos I prefer to work with.

How many photos should I send?

As many good ones that you have!Most of the time I am unable to meet the pets I draw. Having lots of lovely photos to see of them can be really helpful for me to get a rounded picture of what they are or were like. I also love to hear any funny stories about them. If you can it's always lovely to have something to share on my blog and pencil portraits website to go along with the portrait.

How do I pay a deposit?

My payment system is safe and secure using Worldpay as my payment provider. This means I can email you a personal and secure link to a dedicated page just for you to pay the deposit. I accept most debit and credit cards including American Express and can send my bank details if you would prefer to pay via bank transfer.

When do I pay the final amount?

The final payment is made just prior to me starting your pencil portrait in the same way as you paid the deposit.

Can I pay monthly?

I can set this up for you, for any amount on any set date each month. You can also send instalments via bank transfer. Once you have paid for the pencil portrait in full, I will then start the drawing once you have risen to the top of my commissions list.

Do your pencil portraits come framed?

Framing is an optional service. I work with a wonderful framer called Amanda and together we provide lots of beautiful frames for your portraits. I can also provide engraved plaques too. Have a look at my framing gallery to view some previously framed pencil portraits.

Do you provide a design before starting?

I work with my clients closely in the early stages to design their pencil portrait using their photos and Photoshop. I create a mock up so that we all know what the drawing will look like before I put pencil to paper.

Can you create a group portrait from single photos?

Yes, in fact I prefer to work from individual photos of each pet as it means they are closer in the frame giving more detail in the photo to work with. As long as photos of the pets have been taken on the same eye level, I should be able to add multiple pets within a scene together. Good quality photos are key.

Do or draw people?

I am only drawing animals and birds at this time.

Is it possible to have a bespoke size?

I can cut my paper to any size, and can create my pencil portraits to any size. Just let me know - small or large - the size you are looking for and I will be able to send you a quote.

Can I see my portrait before you send it to me?

All clients will receive a range of photos of their portrait for approval before shipping. Tweaks and minor changes can be made to the drawing at this stage too.

How much is shipping?

All of my pencil portraits are flat packed safely using foam wrap, hardboard and a double walled cardboard box for the outer packaging, in line with worldwide packaging rules from courier services. I send my pencil portraits either UPS or Parcelforce on expedited services.

Can I commission a portrait as a gift?

You might like to visit my Gift Voucher page from my navigation above which will give you all of the information you need about sending a portrait to someone as a gift so they can make all of the arrangements themselves.

Can I collect my pencil portrait?

You are more than welcome to come and collect your pencil portrait, or even visit me at the start with your dogs to be photographed or bring your photos to my studio. I am always delighted to meet my clients. Visits by apointment only.

Will my portrait be displayed in your gallery?

Once my clients have received their portraits I often add my pencil portraits to my website and blog, however if you would prefer not to have your drawing displayed, please let me know.

Who are you?

If you would like to find out more about me, where I live, my studio, hobbies, pets and old welsh cottage, why not head over to my about me section of of my pencil pet portraits website. You can find out more about me in my about me section from my navigation.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my commission information page for my pencil portraits. Over the 22 years I have been in business, since leaving art college, I have always tried to offer a friendly and professional service and have a high standard of customer service. I really enjoy communicating with my clients. If you would like to Get in Touch, you are absolutely more than welcome at any time. I am looking forward to hearing from you and working with you soon.


Hi Melanie,
Gianni’s drawing looks amazing!!!
I wanted to let you know that the portrait arrived yesterday and it’s absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for being so very talented and for making the drawings so “real life”. You have created Gianni’s gorgeous little face perfectly.
I certainly was emotional when I opened it… I could just cry picturing his beautiful little face that I miss so much.
Thank you again for the fabulous work you do…
Best regards,