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Our Lovely Tibetan Terrier Lily

We have the most gorgeous little Tibetan Terrier called Lily. We have had her since she was 8 weeks old and she has completely ruled our lives ever since! She was so tiny when she arrived and got used to being picked up and cuddled right from a very young age. Consequently she still loves to be picked up and cuddled!

There is a little bit of a story behind her being with us. Our old dog Tom had passed away earlier in the year and as many dog owners will know, it doesn’t always feel right to have another dog right away. Thoughts of replacing him and feeling guilty for the love of another dog so soon played on my mind. We continue our daily walks and reminisced about tom and how he loved rambling with us through the countryside. As the months passed however it felt more and more strange not to have a dog by our side. We left the cottage one day on our usual walk and I suddenly exclaimed to Nicholas, it's time for a puppy! I want a little girl puppy this time and I want to call her Lily. I don’t really know where that came from, i hadn’t really thought about what I would name a dog, but it stuck in my mind.

We initially looked on our local rescue sites to see if we could find a puppy or a young dog that we could rescue, just like we had done with Tom. Unfortunately over the weeks, even looking every day, there just wasn’t a dog suitable for us. During that time we looked after our friends Tibetan terrier called Coco for a week while their owners went on holiday. It suddenly dawned on us that we love the breed, we know them well, we understand them so what about looking for a Tibetan terrier puppy.

Searching online on a reputable website, we found a lovely lady called Linda who's Tibetan Terrier had recently had puppies. How exciting! I emailed via the website and Linda sent a message straight back saying that she had two boys and one girl left and would we like to come and visit? Yes! So we headed off to meet them.

It was lovely as the dogs were in their family home (not breeding kennels!) and they had been raised in their open plan kitchen and dining room so were socialised with family and friends, including Linda’s grandchildren. We sat down and she let the puppies out - they had all just had their first bath for our arrival! They were everywhere! Running around playing, jumping, rolling over, play fighting...a quick nap snoozing and then off again to play.

Linda picked up the three puppies that weren't spoken for, the two boys and the girl. She said that her grandchildren had named all of the puppies, the boys were all named after footballers, and she handed us 'Messy' followed by 'Van Percy'. She then handed us little girl to me, which her grandchildren had named Lily......

At this point I was a little in shock, I didn’t even say anything as I felt I must have miss heard. I turned to Nicholas and mouthed, did she say Lily??! ......Yes! That was it! It was a sign. Emotions were high, I think we had decided within seconds she was 'our' puppy. It was meant to be. After four very long weeks of waiting, we travelled to collect Lily and she came home with us.

Lily on her first day

Anyone who has owned a Tibetan Terrier or who has had experience of the breed will know that they are affectionately known as 'the little people'. They have so much character, they are extremely clever and persuasive along with being very loyal and loving. If you are interested in the breed, have a look at this Tibetan Terrier website to find out about them.

I have added some photos of Lily for you to see. We take her everywhere we go. She doesn’t particularly like being left at home. Both Nicholas and I work from home so she is here in the studio with us every day. We obviously take her out for walks and then out in the car, so it's very rare she is left alone.

The photo below was taken at Mwnt beach. She is sporting her onsie! Tibetan Terriers have a double coat and don’t shed, which is a huge plus. However her coat takes a long time to brush, wash and dry so the onise helps to keep the sand off as much as possible. She goes to the groomer every 8 weeks where she thins her coat out a little and keeps her coat at a good level for me to maintain. If she didn’t go to the groomers, she would revert to her natural coat length where the fur would reach the floor. It is a lot of work to keep it like that and so we opt for a mid length cut.

Lily on Mwnt Beach

At dog club we are all given a goodie bag at Christmas for our dogs. Lily was just making sure the bag was completely empty....!

Lily Tibetan Terrier in the snow

The photo below was when we were testing out our new camera and Lily is always a good subject to practice photography on. Black dogs are very difficult to photograph. You can see the camera has picked up on her lighter golden fur she had at the time during the warm summer months.

Lily after a walk

This photo was taken in the studio. She loves being in on everything and this photo was taken when I was in the middle of wrapping foam wrap around a framed painting. She decided that it looked like a comfy place to she did!

Lily Tibetan Terrier in the studio

Tibetan Terriers love snow. Having said that snow does tend to stick to their fur and countless times I have 'defrosted' her in the kitchen sink and dried her, only to find she wants to go out and play in it again!

Lily and her banana

In between taking Lily to the groomers, I bath her a few times. This was taken after her bath and was just a quick snap taken just as she had been pulled out of the bath. It has become one of my personal favourite photos of her.

Lily having a bath

Lily and I go to dog training on a Sunday or Wednesday depending on the time of year. We mainly go so that she has access to other dogs as we don’t see that many on a daily basis. She is absolutely fine with other dogs, no problems there, however it's good for her to socialise. The dog club we attend teaches obedience and we have passed a number of tests including the bronze and silver and gold Kennel Club Good Citizens tests. Below is a very tired lily just after her Gold test.

Lily with her rosettes

The photo below shows Lily looking out of the window...her favourite occupation!

Lily at home looking out of the window

Finally one of Lily in the garden on an early summer morning, investigating!

Lily in the garden

I hope you have enjoyed viewing Lily's page. If you would like to have a look at my Chickens, why not pop over the take a peak, including the cutest photo of my chickens as chicks!



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