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The portrait of Jenkins was a wonderful commission and working with Jo, knowing that Jenkins was such a special horse, made it all the more important. Read about Jo, her father and Jenkins below.

Retired Police Horse Pet Portraits

About the Commission of Jenkins

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Jo Greenland contacted me in 2014 looking to commission her fathers retired police horse called Jenkins. He was a much loved and cherished horse and Jo told me when sending her photos for the portrait ...

"I know you must see some stunning horse's but that's what Mr Jenkins is to me, he is a retired police horse and a true gent, he was the last horse my Dad rode at the age of 82 before his sudden death three months later. Dad was in the mounted police for 32 years and taught me to ride".

With this in mind, I knew I had to do Jenkins proud and put all of my effort into creating a truly stunning portrait for Jo and her family of such a special horse. I created the portrait at 20 x 16 size and it was framed using the decorative pine frame. I hope that my visitors to this page feel I have captured him well.


Hi Melanie,
That is amazing! Shame about my plaiting skills! I knew you were good but wow! Can you put his name on there too? I am so delighted and feel very privileged.
Hope you are doing ok with this horrid weather, thanks again

The Portrait framed

The photos below show the portrait all framed with an engraved plaque ready to send to Jo. The frame has now been discontinued which is a real shame, however we have lots more frames available, my framer is wonderful. If you are looking for something specific just let me know, take a look at some previously framed portraits in my framing gallery.

Retired Police Horse Framed Portraits horse portrait on the mini easel


Horse Portraits

Are you looking to have a horse portrait for yourself, or perhaps your friends and family as a gift? I am more than happy to work with you on a drawing that you will treasure for a lifetime. bring back all of the wonderful memories to view every day of your special and loved pet. You can email me your photos at any time.


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