Jack Russell Pencil Pet Portrait

Welcome to my Jack Russel Pencil Pet Portrait in pencil of Holden. Lizbeth has been a returning client of mine for a number of years and this is one of my favourite commissions of her Jack Russell's called Holden. Sadly Holden passed away and so Lizbeth and I designed a beautiful portrait of Holden for her. Scroll down to find out about the commission and read about the perpetual trophy for her dog club too!

Jack Russell Montage Pet Portraits

About the Jack Russell Pencil Portrait Commission of Holden

Pencil portraits reference photos

Lizabeth Johnson, USA emailed me in 2011 to commissioned a montage drawing of her Jack Russell Terrier 'Holden' who has recently sadly passed away.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity of drawing Holden doing all sorts of different activities in various stages through his life.

Lizabeth emailed me lots of lovely photos and we spent a few weeks going back and forth with photos and designs to make sure we came up with the right composition.

This stage can never be hurried, especially when you are designing a montage. The balance of the composition has to be just right - as do the photos. Once everything was designed I drew the portrait at 16 x 12 size.

You can also read about the perpetual trophy below and read another email from Lizabeth too telling me all about it.

Client Feedback

Hi Melanie,
It turned out beautifully and you really captured Holden's lovely spirit. It's still hard to believe he's gone....

The Perpetual Trophy

Lizabeth also ordered a framed print of the portrait to serve as a perpetual trophy for the Canadian National Jack Russell Terrier Trial in 2011. The print depicts the central study long with the bottom right study showing Holden diving down into a burrow. The print has an engraved plaque along with top and plaques for the winners to inscribe each year at the bottom and you can see the framed print with another of Lizabeth's Jack Russell terriers, while at the Canadian National Jack Russell Terrier Trial in 2011.

Jack Russell Pet Portraits Trophy
Hi Melanie,
I wanted to send you a photo of Holden's Trophy, which was presented up in Canada at the 2011 JRTCC National Jack Russell Terrier Trial. Our first recipient was Rebel Run Possum. Everyone thought it turned out beautifully!
I haven't had time to hang the original yet, but I'll send you a photo once it is up.........
Thanks again for everything and talk to you soon.

The Portrait Framed

Here are some photos of the Jack Russel pencil pet portrait framed.

Jack Russell Pet Portraits Framed
Jack Russell Pet Portraits Framed


Jack Russell Pencil Pet Portrait

I have completed a number of Jack Russell Terrier montage drawings and find them wonderful to portray this particular breed. Allowing to convey so many lovely characteristics of them at different stages of their life or doing different things. if you would like a montage drawing of your Jack Russell, why not email me your photos and ideas for your portrait and we can get designing!