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Horse Pet Portrait

Welcome to the pencil drawing of Duker, a portrait that was commissioned as a 70th birthday surprise. The portrait is a 20 x 16 pencil drawing, traditionally hand drawn by myself, Melanie and you can scroll down to see more photos of the drawing and see it framed too.

Horse pet portrait

About the Commission of Duker

Reference photos

Lizzie contacted me in 2018 to purchase a Gift Voucher for her mum's 70th birthday from all of her family. She arranged a 20 x 16 pencil drawing of Duker unframed so that her mum was able to choose a framer with her local framer when the portrait arrived.

In arranging the voucher Lizzie said - " My mothers name is Jane but we call her Ma. Her horse is called Duker. The gift is from my brother and myself plus our better halves and our kids (5 in total!!)".

When Jane received the voucher she was thrilled and emailed me photos of Duker straight away. The photos were superb, Jane had one particular photo she loved which you can see on the left. This was what I used as the basis of the portrait. Jane emailed me a photo of the portrait when it was framed and displayed in her home and long with a lovely email below.


Dear Melanie,
As promised, doesn't he look fantastic?
Thank you very much you are so talented and this wonderful portrait will give me many happy hours in the years to come.
Best wishes.

The Portrait with my Pencils

I have added a few photos below taken with my digital camera on an angle so that Jane and her family were able to see the portrait close up and in more detail. I often feel it shows my portraits much more naturally than a straight on photos, there are plus points of both! I hope that you enjoy viewing them and get a feel for what the drawing of Duker was like.

montage pet portraits with pencils pencil montage pet portraits pencil montage pet portraits

The Portrait Framed

Jane decided to have her portrait framed with her local framer and she took a photo of it when it was displayed in her cottage when completed. We love the old beams, they look similar to our little cottage! I am always delighted when clients can have their portraits framed with their local framer, however if they prefer me to make the arrangements for them, I can do so. I have a lovely framer and you can read about my frames and see lots of previous drawings framed in my framing gallery.

pencil montage pet portraits


Horse Pet Portrait

If you have a horse and would love to have a portrait of them, similar to the pencil drawing of Duker, please do contact me at any time. Email me your photos at the largest size you have them and let me know your ideas. I am looking forward to working with you soon!


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