Horse Pet Portraits Montage

The horse pet portrait of Cassanova was commissioned as a special 18th birthday present. I am often commissioned to create portraits for special dates and it is really important, if clients would like to give portraits as gifts, to contact me as soon as possible as I do have a waiting list for my drawings. Luckily Jane and Mark left plenty of time for me to complete this drawing so everything worked out perfectly! I hope you enjoy reading about the commission and seeing photos of the recipient with the drawing below.

horse pet portraits montage

Horse Pet Portrait Montage with The Recipient

Jane very kindly emailed me some photos of Olivia with her portrait and the drawing displayed on their wall.

horse pet portraits montage
horse pet portraits montage
horse pet portraits montage

About the Commission of Cassanova

Pencil portraits reference photos

Jane and Mark called me in March 2016 to ask if I would be able to create a montage drawing of their daughters horse called Cassanova. Their daughter Olivia was turning 18 and they wanted to surprise her with a drawing. They had been looking at my website for some weeks and were in the process of preparing in everything needed for a portrait.

They chose photos of Olivia with Cassanova which they already had, along with taking a few new photos at the stables. They chose one main photo for the central drawing and 4 other photos for the studies.

Jane and Mark asked if the portrait could be framed so that it was ready to wrap for Olivia’s big day. I took a video of the drawing of Cassanova when it was complete which you can see below, along with some lovely testimonials and photos of Olivia with the montage drawing too. I hope you enjoy viewing them!

Client Feedback

Hi Melanie,
It looks great, Olivia will love it!
Cant wait to get it now.
Jane x

Post on Facebook from Olivia -
Well this came as a surprise! The most beautiful drawings of Casanova done by the incredibly talented Melanie Phillips. This is my birthday present from my parents - couldn't of asked for anything more.

Horse Pet Portraits Montage Video

I took some video of the portrait prior to packing the portrait. Please note that the contact details have now changed from what you can see on the video! It was also framed by our local framer. There is plenty of choice and you can see more of the frames available in my framing gallery.

Pet Portraits packing

The photo below is a quick snap I took when I was packing the portrait up ready to send to Jane and Mark. I use professional packaging as my portraits are sent far and wide, so I need to make sure they are safe for their long journeys.

horse pet portraits montage
Horse Pet Portraits Montage

Email or message me if you would like to commission a horse pet portraits montage of your horse for a special date. perhaps birthday, anniversary or Christmas. I have even create portraits as graduation gifts which is really lovely and always a complete surprise for the recipient.