Cocker Spaniel Pencil Pet Portrait

Welcome to my Cocker Spaniel pencil pet portraits. This drawing was commissioned by Tracey, a returning cleint who wanted a pencil drawing of her gorgeous spaneil called Moo.

Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits

The Cocker Spaniel Pet Portrait in Pencil

The photos below show Moo's portrait, still with the collar beofre the amendments. I thought it might be great for cleitns to see it with the collar to compare it with the above photo of Moo's pencil drawing without!

Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits
Cocker Spaniel portrait

About the Cocker Spaniel Commission of Moo

Pencil portraits reference photos

Dr Tracey Riche, UK contacted me in 2014 to ask about commissioning a pet portrait of her gorgeous dog 'Moo'. Tracey asked if I could draw the main pose from the reference photo which you can see left, however she really wanted the portrait to portray Moo with dry hair. Lucily tracy had a photo of Moo in a similar angle so I was able to create this along with her tufts on the top of her head too!

You might also notice that in the photos below, Moo is wearing her collar. I had initially drawn the collar in, however Tracey asked if i could remove it and so you can see in the scan above cleverly it has now been drawn over. I am always happy to make amendments where I can when the client needs me to.

You can also see photos of the portrait framed, along with photos of when Tracey and Moo came to my studio to collect the portrait. I always love meeting clients and the kettle is always on for them!

Client Feedback

Thanks so much Mel.
Brilliant! Say Hi to Lily and Nicholas of course!!!
Dr Tracey Rich

The Cocker Spaniel Portrait Framed

Moo was framed using a traditonal wooden frame and it worked really well for Moo's portrait. Plenty of space around the image to allow it to breathe. Your framer should be able to give you plenty of choice when it comes to framing your pencil drawing.

pencil pet portrait of Moo

The Cocker Spaniel Pet Portrait and Moo!

Tracey and Moo visited my studio to collect the portrait and I took some photos of Moo with the portrait which are so cute! You can see one of Tracey, Moo and myself with the drawing too.

pencil pet portrait of Moo
pencil pet portrait of Moo


Cocker Spaniel Pencil Pet Portrait

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about Moo and her Cocker Spaniel Pencil Pet Portrait! If you have a Cocker Spaniel and woud like me to draw a portrait for you, please do contact me and I will be delighted to help!