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Jack Russell Pet Portraits

Returning client Lizabeth commission this portrait of Dean in 2015 to go along side the other montages I have drawn for her. She has many Jack Russell’s and so I think I will be creating portraits for Lizabeth for many years to come! I hope you enjoy reading about Dean and his montage below.

Jack Russell Pet Portraits

The Portrait with my Pencils

I took a photo of the portrait prior to framing which you can see below. I mainly use Derwent pencils to create my portraits with and they are perfect for shading the very dark tones on my drawings. You can see three of my pencils in the photo below.

Pencil Pet Portraits

About the Commission of Dean

Jack Russell Pet Portraits Reference Photo

Lizabeth Johnson, USA, is a returning client and she contacted me to commission another montage drawing in 2015. This time the portrait was to be of her fabulous Jack Russell Terrier called Dean. Lizabeth wanted me to depict Dean doing different activities, similar to her other portraits.

We worked on the composition for a number of weeks with Lizabeth finding new photos to work for the portrait. Once we were both happy with the design, I completed the drawing at 16 x 12 size, the same as her other portraits. I very much enjoyed drawing Dean, I love creating montage portraits, they are one of my favourite types of artwork to draw.

The portrait headed over to the USA just before Christmas 2015 which was a lovely end to the year for us both.

Hi Melanie,
It really turned out beautifully. Thanks again for everything. I posed a link of it I my Facebook page and have had tons of comments!


Hi Melanie,
It looks fabulous! I can't wait to receive it. Thanks again for everything.

The Portrait Framed

My local framer framed the portrait of Dean and I took a few photos in the studio when it was complete. This frame is actually discontinued now, however I have many more frames to choose from in my framing gallery. Take a look at some more of my portraits in the gallery to view more of my artwork and commissons.

Jack Russell Pet Portraits Jack Russell Pencil Portraits


Jack Russell Pet Portraits

If you have a Jack Russell and would like a portrait of them, message me via my contact page to discuss your options. Montage portraits are particularly lovely for Jack Russell’s as they are such busy dogs, they can be photographed in so many ways doing so many different things! The options are endless!


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