fine art pencil pet portraits by commission

Spaniel Pencil Portraits

Welcome to my spaniel pencil portrait of Brodie, which is a true favourite of mine. I very much enjoyed drawing him and you can see a most wonderful photo taken by my client of the portrait with the recipient and Brodie too. I am always truly honoured to be able to show them. I hope you enjoy reading about the commission of Brodie below.

Spaniel Pet  Portraits

The Spaniel Pet Portrait in Pencil

I took a few photos of the portrait with my pencils to give scale to the drawing which you can see below. It also show the portrait up close too. 16 x 12 is lovely for Brodie, a really lovely size for Spaniels.

Spaniel Pencil  Portraits
Spaniel Pencil  Portraits
Spaniel Pencil  Portraits
Spaniel Pencil  Portraits

About the Commission of Brodie

Pencil reference photos

Sandra contacted me via email in 2018 to ask if I would be able to draw their family dog Brodie as a gift for her husband. She wanted a 16 x 12 pencil drawing unframed as they had a framer locally to them that they used often. Sandra had also take a wonderful photo of Brodie when outside in a field which was perfect to draw from.

Photos take outside on a bright day really help when you have a dark coloured dog - especially one with lots of curls like Brodie. Camera lenses, especially if you are using a mobile phone, struggle in low light and can result in slightly out of focus photos as the shutter has had to stay open for a longer amount of time to let more light in.

Sandra was delighted with the portrait of Brodie. You can read a lovely testimonial from her below along with viewing a wonderful photo of her husband Dave with the portrait and of course Brodie too.

Client Feedback

Hello Melanie

Hope you are both well and being kept busy in the studio. We finally got Brodie framed and are delighted with the finished article. We went for a darker frame with a touch of gold which looks really nice with  the pencil drawing. It really does look beautiful on the wall and your work has been admired by all our visitors.    

My husband really loves the picture and is amazed how you have captured the likeness of Brodie from the photo. Thank you again for all your help and advice.

Kind regards

Sandra, Dave & Brodie

Spaniel Pencil  Portraits
Spaniel Pencil Portraits

If you have a spaniel similar to Brodie that you would like me to draw for you or as a gift for a family member or relative, why not email me your photos. I would love to work with you on a portrait, don’t forget if you are looking to give the drawing as a gift for a special date, please let me know as soon as possible to get into my commissions list and schedule.