Horse Pencil Portraits

Charles was a lovely horse pencil portraits commission which I completed in 2012! How time flys. I have been creating pencil drawings for over 25 years now and I still remember many of the animals I have drawn over the years. I have to say I probably remember the animals more than the owners! Scroll down to the page to read all about the commission of Charles.

Racehorse Pet Portraits

About the Horse Pencil Portrait Commission of Charles

Pencil portraits reference photos

Karen Masters, UK, emailed me in 2012 to discuss commission of her friends horse Charles. Karen wanted 18 x 14 montage pencil portrait and she sent through lots of wonderful photos of Charles to choose from.

Karen and I worked through a number of designs until we settled on the the design you see above. I really enjoyed drawing Charles, particularly the full body study with Charles' muscle structure.

Once the portrait was completed Karen ordered a print so that the original could go to her friend Tim and she could have a copy too.

I absolutely love it when my clients send photos of their portrait when it arrives to them. In this instance, Karen very kindly emailed wonderful photos that she took once the print had been framed and hung in situ. I was thrilled to see them, delighted to be able to add them to my website and so pleased that Karen and Tim are happy with their portrait!

Client Feedback

Dear Melanie

I wanted to send you a photograph of the framed Charles picture. The file is a picture of the framed print, not the original, I have yet to take a picture of the framed original which my friend has.

So the pictures have been framed differently, which is interesting in itself. Both pictures look absolutely stunning, more so now that they are framed. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job that you did, Tim really appreciated his 50th birthday present! Its ironic that he does not actually own Charles now but it is a fitting memento of Tim’s first racehorse!

My picture has pride of place in the living room where I can look at it every day. Every time I look at it, I smile and have such fond memories of Charles. Your picture is stunning beautiful.

Thank you again. Wishing you the best for a very happy and prosperous New Year.
With best wishes.

The Horse Pencil Pet Portrait Framed

Karen used her own local framer to frame both the original and the print and it looks stunning as you can see below. If you have my drawing of your horse pencil portrait framed, id love to see it so that I can add it to my website.

Racehorse Pet Portraits Framed
Racehorse Pet Portraits Print Framed


Horse Pencil Portraits

Montage portraits are a really lovely way to celebrate your pet, whether it be a horse, dog or cat. If you would like to have your own montage drawing, why not email me your photos and let me know if you would like two studies and a main portrait like Charles, or perhaps four studies with the main drawing, the options are endless!