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Horse Pencil Portraits by Melanie Phillips

horse pencil portraits


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reference photos for horse pencil portraits
horse pencil portraits reference photos
horse pencil portraits photos

Commission of 'Al' - Horse Pencil Pet Portraits

Donna Westbrook, UK, enquired to ask if I would be able to draw a 16 x 12 Horse Pencil Pet Portraits for her of her husbands horse Al. The surprise portrait was for her husbands birthday in 2012. Donna only had a few photos of Al as he had sadly passed away that year, so it was a challenge to find one that would work for a pencil portrait.

I chose the best photo from the selection creating a new background for Al out in the field where he loved to be, in a serene landscape with trees and fields. I feel I have improved on Donna's photo and the pencil drawing is a wonderful way for Donna and her family to remember Al by. Once the portrait was complete, Jane our framer, framed the horse portrait of Al for Donna. We have access to many different styles of frames, so if you are looking for something in particular just let me know.

Donna very kindly sent me a photo of her husband at his birthday party with the portrait which you can see below at his birthday gathering. I am delighted to be able to add it to my website and so pleased that Dona and her family are happy with their portrait!


It is fantastic thank you so please do send to be framed.
Thank you for your hard work
Donna Westbrook


Donna rang me personally to thank me which was wonderful : )

horse pencil portraits framed


horse pencil portraits framed


horse pencil portraits framed


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