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Horse Pencil Portrait by Melanie Phillips

Horse Pencil Portrait


Reference Photos

Horse Pencil Portrait reference photo
Horse Portrait reference photo
horse portraits reference photo

Commission of 'Monty and Duffy' - Horse Pencil Portrait by Melanie Phillips

Elizabeth Acton, UK and her sister contacted me I 2012 asking if I would be able to create a Horse Pencil Portrait of their mums two horses in time for her 60th birthday. The horses were called Monty and Duffy and Liz and her sister provided me with a wide range of photos to work from which was perfect.

The horse portrait was going to be completed at 16 x 12 size and I composed the drawing working from two separate photos, adding a very subtle out door background with light pencil shading to make it look as thought both horses were in the same scene and space. By shading the background, this eabled Duffy to stand off the creame of the paper as being a white horse it allowed me to depict the sunlight within the scene and on both horses heads.

Once the portrait was completed and sent to Liz and her sister, Liz very kindly emailed me a wonderful photo that she took once the portrait had been framed and hung in situ. I am delighted to be able to add it to my website and are so pleased that Liz and her family are happy with their portrait! Read some testimonials below :)


Hi Melanie,
It is beautiful It really captures them perfectly...really pleased with it, however in a previous email I mentioned that could you tidy up Duffys there any chance you could do that please? Do you think it would look nicer with it more neater.....its just Mont looks all smart with his plaits and Duff doesnt lol.Just it looks a bit flyaway at the moment : ) Kind Regards Liz


Hi Melanie,
Just wanted to let you know the portrait has arrived and it is absolutely beautiful.....perfect J
Thank you ever so much for your hard work it is very much appreciated....I will take a photo for you when it is up in the living room :)
Once again thank you....I cannot wait to show it my mom.
I will keep your details for future portraits we may want later on and definitely recommended you to anyone
Hope you have a lovely Christmas and wish you all the success in the years to come
Take care
Kind Regards


Hi Melanie,
Hope your well and all ready for Christmas!
Just wanted to show you a picture of the portrait that we had done now it has been framed, we had it on 3 mounts and then a dark wooden frame around the looks is now hanging up in the front living room. Thank you ever so much for doing it for us.
From everyone back at my end we would like to wish yourself and Nick (and your pets) a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
All the best for the future
Take Care
Kind Regards


Horse Pencil Portrait framed


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