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Spaniel Pet Portraits

Marcella commissioned three portraits of her families dogs as gifts. One of which was her own dog called Charlie who is the most gorgeous Cocker Spaniel. Scroll down to read more about the commission.

Spaniel Pet  Portraits

The Portrait with my Pencils

I took a few photos of the portrait with my pencils to give scale to the drawing. It was a 12 x 10 and a lovely size for Charlie. Marcella had all of the portraits framed when they arrived with her in San Francisco.

Spaniel Pet  Portraits Spaniel Pet  Portraits

About the Commission of Charlie

Pencil portraits reference photos

Marcella is an excellent photographer and she has a really lovely digital camera which she used to take an abundance of photos of her dog Charlie for the portrait. We went through quite a few possibles as they were all so beautiful, until we chose the photo left as it shows Charlie's eyes so well.

The portrait was a 12 x 10 pencil drawing and was sent over to Marcella along with two other portraits that she had commissioned, one to give to her parents of their dogs and one for her sister of her dog for Christmas. You can see a photo of the family and their portraits on the English Setter Portraits page in my gallery. I follow Rooney on Instagram, you will see him on the setter page and he is such a gorgeous dog too!

Marcella was delighted with all of the portraits and you can read a lovely testimonial from her below along with viewing more photos of Charlie's portrait too.

Hi Melanie,
I posted Charlie's portrait on the two springer spaniel Facebook groups to which I belong. Everyone loves him! One is interested in commissioning a portrait, so hopefully she reaches out to you!


Spaniel Pet Portraits

I hope that you have enjoyed viewing the portrait of Charlie. If you have a Spaniel that you would like to have a portrait of displayed in your home, or perhaps give as a present, please feel free to email me your photos at any time.


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