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Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits by Melanie Phillips

Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits


Reference Photos

Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits photo
Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits reference
Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits reference photo

About the Commission of 'Monty'

Tony Stockwell, UK, telephoned me in June 2013 to ask if I can create Cocker Spaniel pet portraits as he has a beautiful Cocker spaniel called Monty. he wanted to commission a pencil drawing in time for his wife Julie's birthday in July. It was all very hush, hush and Tony often called me from the bottom of his garden to make arrangements without his wife knowing! I love it when my clients are sneaky when organising surprises for their better halves!

Monty is a cocker spaniel - one of my favorite breeds to portray and Tony took a range of photos especially for the portrait. Monty modeled very well and as always a few dog treats always come in handy when getting dogs to model for photos. Tony requested a 12 x 10 pencil portrait and I really enjoyed drawing him. A delight!

Jane framed the portrait for Tony and when it was presented to his wife in July, Julie was over the moon and emailed me especially to thank me, which can be read below!


Hi Melanie,
Just wanted to say thank you very much for the sketch you did of Monty, Julie and I are very pleased, I did not realise just how good it would be, had to fight back a few tears when I saw Julie's face when she opened it. Thank you again for making Julie's birthday so memorable.


Hi Melanie
I received your wonderful portrait of Monty today for my birthday. Have just been on your website and seen the work in progress as well ! I can't tell you how thrilled I am both with the surprise that Tony arranged but also with the wonderful quality of your work. Monty just seems to come to life on the page, I don't know how you manage to do it but his eyes are perfect and it is just him looking out of the frame at me !
Thank you so much,
I shall treasure it forever,
Julie x


Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits Framed


Cocker Spaniel Portraits Framed


Cocker Spaniel Drawing Framed


Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits


Cocker Spaniel Pet Portraits on the Mini Easel


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