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Commission of 'Jack' - Pony Pet Portraits

Julie Wilkinson, UK, contacted me in August 2013 to ask she could commission one of my Pony Pet Portraits, as their pony called Jack was very poorly. Julie wanted to present the pencil portrait to her daughter, Jenny as a surprise at Christmas. Julie's family had taken a number of wonderful photos of Jack however she had one photo in particular which she felt really captured Jack's personality and character and thought it stood out for a portrait. It was a lovely photo of Jack with his head over their stable door and I also felt would be the perfect photo to use as the main pose for the portrait.

When I started the portrait, with Julie's permission, I changed a couple of things, one of which was to incorporate the name plaque which needed to move slightly to the left on the door to so it would be within the scene of the drawing. The portrait as drawn on my favorite Italian Fabriano paper at 12 x 10 size and Julie also opted to have our framer Jane frame the portrait. I have added some photos below when the portrait was framed and Julie emailed me a photo when the portrait was hanging in situ in her home, once it was presented to her daughter Jenny.


Oh my word it's beautiful Melanie thank you so much for all your hard work. I'm sure Jenny will be thrilled she has absolutely no idea what's she's getting!
Cant wait to see it for real, thanks again


Its here! Thank you very much its beautiful and bought a tear to the eye, cant wait for Christmas day! Will make sure Jenny sends you a photo once she decided where to hang it.
So very sorry I haven't emailed you been chaos here with family etc etc! Jenny absolutely loved it there were tears from us both! She thought the detail and likeness to Jack simply amazing he was posted all over facebook to her friends there and then! She is currently debating where to put it once decided she will email you a pic, promise.
Thank you again for your amazing work,


Pony Pet Portraits Framed


Pony Portraits Framed


Pet Portraits Framed


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