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Jack Russell Terrier Pet Portraits by Melanie Phillips

Jack Russell Terrier Pet Portraits


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Jack Russell Terrier reference photo
Jack Russell Terrier photo
Jack Russell Terrier reference

Commission of 'Max and Bentley' - Jack Russell Terrier Pet Portraits

Vicky Emmet, UK, commissioned a Jack Russell Terrier Pet Portraits of her two gorgeous Jack Russells Max and Bentley in 2012. Vicky had previous commissioned a pet portrait from me and she wanted her two new dogs portrayed to display in her home too. Max and Bentley are such active dogs and Vicky had many of photos of them doing so many things, we thought a montage portrait would work really well them. This way I could capture them running, playing, carring sticks and the cental study as head studys for detail. I was spoilt for choice for which photos to use and created a number of designs and ideas for Vicky to see. We decided to make it fair, each study should be a single pose of each dog and then two poses of them together. The final portrait was drawn at 18 x 14 in size, you can see the finished drawing above with a few reference photos below.

When the portrait arrived with Vicky and it was framed, she very kindly took some time out of her busy schedule and poses both max and Bentley next to the portraits. I was so delighted to see them and to be able to add them here on my website. I am so pleased that Vicky and her family are happy with their portrait, you can read some testimonials below!

Hi Melanie
It looks fab! Can't wait to see it in the flesh : )


Melanie it is wonderful. You have captured my boys so perfectly. I must get it off to the framers so I can get it up on the wall.
Will get a picture of it when it is framed and I will endeavour to get one with the boys in it. It may take a while as sitting still isn't their strong point!
Thanks again


Vicky Emmett commented on Facebook.
Vicky wrote: "Such a beautiful montage of our boys! Melanie and Nick are such a lovely and talented couple :-)"


Jack Russell Terrier Pet Portraits Framed


Jack Russell Terrier Portraits


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