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Welcome to my Pet Portraits in Pencil website. My name is Melanie and I am a professionally trained artist specialising in pencil pet portraits of dogs, cats and horses. I have over 25 years of experience working with clients all over the world. I draw my portraits in a dedicated art studio in my woodland garden along side my husband Nicholas Beall who is also a pet portrait artist specialsing in oil paintings. If you are looking to commission a hand drawn pencil pet portrait, you have come to the right place. Please feel free to peruse my pet portraits website and if you need any guidance, please email or message me via WhatsApp at anytime.

Pet Portraits in Pencil by Melanie Phillips

Animal Portraits - Pencil Pet Portraits Gallery

I have been drawing pet portraits for clients all around the world for many years and you can see just a handful of my previous pet portrait commissions in my animal portrait gallery. All of my pencil pet portraits are traditionally hand drawn by myself and you can read some of the wonderful testimonials that clients have left in my gallery too - pencil pet portraits of dogs, cats and horses »

Pet Portraits in Pencil Gallery by Melanie Phillips
I'm stunned by those photos of the portrait, they are fantastic. You have such a talent! I think my husband will be thrilled when he sees it. We both miss Beano very much still even though it's 9 months since he died. He was such a character and you've captured that perfectly in the picture.

Ellen Whitter


Pencil Pet Portraits Prices & Info

For a detailed description of how my bespoke pencil pet portraits works, pop over to my Pet Portraits Prices & Info page. It describes my pencil portraits commission process from the initial contact with my client, gift vouchers, through to the packing of my pet portraits. If you would like to read some tips on how to take a good photograph for a pet portrait, head on over to my Pencil Pet Portraits Photography Tips page. It should give you all of the info required to get the perfect snap for me to create a pencil pet portrait for you and your family.

Pet Portraits in Pencil Gallery by Melanie Phillips


Pencil Pet Portraits Artwork Photo Comparison

I create all of my pet portraits from photos including the beautiful pencil drawing of Betty below. You can see the photo my client Amy emailed. I have created a page where you can see a few of my pencil drawings along wioth the photo so you can compare them with my artwork.

Pencil Pet Portraits Artwork Photo Comparison


Pencil Pet Portrait Testimonials

My clients are so lovely! I have been sent some beautiful photos of them with their pencil pet portraits. Some amazing letters of thanks that have bought tears to my eyes when I have read them. My pet portrait testimonials show that you can be confident I will provide you with a pet portrait that is the perfect representation of your beloved pet. It will bring you many years of blessed memories. Visit my pet portraits testimonials page to see a whole host of photos and feedback - Pencil Pet Portrait Testimonials »

Pencil Pet Portraits Testimonials
Dear Melanie,

I picked up my pencil portrait today and I have to tell you it is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! You have captured her spirit beautifully and the kindness she had in her soul shone through those big brown eyes.

You are IMMENSELY talented portrait artist, I cannot thank you enough. I was quite emotional opening it but they were happy tears, it almost felt as though she was back with me, words cannot express my gratitude.

I am delighted that Teasel appears on your website too, HUGE SMILE, she had that endearing scruffy look about her. Through you we have the most BEAUTIFUL tribute of our very very special little lady. It will take pride of place in our lounge.

Paula Ventress

About Pet Portrait Artist Melanie

As you may know by now, my name is Melanie and I am a professional pet Portrait artist. I work along side my husband, also an artist in our Pet Portraits Studio which is nestled amongst the trees in our garden. See photos of our Old Welsh Cottage & Garden along with photos of our dog Lily, a Tibetan Terrier who sleeps at my feet while drawing. Head over to my about me page...Melanie Phillips »

pencil pet portraits by melanie phillips

Pet Portraits Studio

My long morning commute down to my garden studio is through a little gate from the top cottage garden, down into the wooded area and past the chickens! Our studio is nestled amongst the trees in our garden, so we have a bird feeder to encourage wildlife to the area around the studio. We have a family of woodpeckers, Jays, Nuthatches and an abundance of Finches, Blue Tits and tiny Coal Tits. My favourite has to be the Tree Creeper. Squirrels scurry on the floor eating up all of the nuts and seeds that they drop. Come on down our garden and take a look for yourself...Pet Portraits Studio

Pet Portraits Studio
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I find pencil a wonderful medium to describe the many varied textures of animals allowing me to create detail not only in the animal but also the setting and background too. I work from one main photo of your pet for the pose, so if you have a favourite photo that you love, that's good quality, I can hand draw this for you and create a beautiful work of art. If you are interested in commissioning a pencil drawing, you are more than welcome to email me photos of your pet at anytime. I am very much looking forward to working with you soon!

Hi Melanie, It's fantastic I love it and I'm sure William will love it too, you really captured them both brilliant! I wasn't expecting it so soon. I'm over the moon with it, thank you again! Xx

Ellen Riddoch