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Pencil Pet Portraits Gift Vouchers

If you have a friend or family member you would like to order a order a pencil pet portrait for a special occasion and you are running out of time, I can provide you with one of my bespoke pencil pet portraits gift vouchers. They are also really handy if you are unable to acquire photos without ruining the surprise.

There are two ways clients order vouchers.

You Arrange everything

The first option is for you to arrange everything with me so the recipient doesn’t have to do anything. In the voucher below, Matilda received a wonderful surprise from her sister Laura for a 12 x 10 portrait of her dog Cosmo. Laura arranged everything and printed out the card below and presented it to her. This is great as Matilda only had to email me her delivery address.

Pet Portrait Vouchers


The recipient chooses

If you would like to purchase a voucher and let the recipient send their pets photos and choose type of portrait they would like, I can arrange this also. In the voucher example below Mark wanted his wife to have a surprise voucher for a portrait of their dog Ellie, however wanted his wife to choose exactly what she wanted and take the photos of Ellie. Prices can still be excluded although you can set a budget if required. The voucher image below was emailed to Mark. He printed it out and presented it to Joanne at Christmas.

Pencil Pet Portraits Gift Vouchers


Presenting your vouchers

My gift voucher cards are emailed to you direct. They are designed to fit on three quarters of an A4 / letter paper however you can print to any size required. You can also show the recipient digitally on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. In the passed clients have purchased gift boxes to present their vouchers in - or have put them inside a birthday or Christmas card with a personal messages.

Ordering Step 1 - Fill out the form

Clients can order a gift voucher of any amount from my shopping cart below. Ideally fill out the form below and let me know some details and then once the form is completed it will come back here and you can add as much as you would like in the box.

Ordering Step 2 - Make the payment


Gift Voucher Amount: £


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Ordering Step 3 - I will be in touch!

Once I have received your order I will be in contact via email. Alternatively if you would like to order over the phone, you can call me in the studio +44 (0)1559 384628 and I can take your details. My payment system is completely secure using Worldpay as our payment provider. We accept all major debit and credit cards including American Express. Payment via Paypal and bank transfers can also be arranged.

As soon as the recipient has received the gift voucher, if they are arranging everything themselves they can email or telephone me to arrange their photos. Clients will be purchasing on my current prices. As soon as the portrait and photos have been arranged they will be added to my commissions list. All of my pet portraits gift vouchers are valid for two years from the purchase date. Do have a read of my terms and conditions page before ordering.