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Are you looking to commission a pencil pet portrait for a special occasion? Have you left it a little late to arrange everything? Are you having difficulty getting photos for a portrait without ruining the surprise? If you fall into any of these categories, my Gift a Portrait service might be perfect for you.

I work to a fairly long waiting list and my drawings take time. My clients are so lovely and are always willing to wait to have their portrait drawn. A good quality, realistic drawing simply does take hours of work. So it's not always possible to meet all special dates, especially if it is fairly close.

In these situations, I have found the best way forward is to make as many arrangements as possible for the recipient and surprise them with the arranged portrait on their special day. I create a bespoke image for you to print or show on a tablet or computer on their special day. The image below is a previous gift a portrait image of Mango, ordered for James by his mum Sylvia. You can also see me drawing Mango once James had received his surprise.

How it works

The wonderful advantage to this is that the recipient can have full input into their portrait. From the design, the size, the framing and plaque. You may have chosen what you feel is the perfect photo, however they may have one that they really love and may prefer to use.

If you are interested in my Gift a Portrait service, you are more than welcome to email me at any time.


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