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Newfoundland Pet Portraits by Melanie Phillips

newfoundland pet portraits


Reference Photos

newfoundland reference photos
newfoundland reference
newfoundland photos


'Chino' - Newfoundland Pet Portraits

Carl Turner contacted me in the autumn of 2010 asking if I had ever drawn any Newfoundland pet portraits. I was delighted to hear from Carl and in answer to his question, yes, not only have I portrayed a Newfoundland, I have a friend who has two beautiful Newfies who I see regularly, they are absolutly gorgeous and I painted a portrait of one of her Newfoundlands that is sadly not with us any longer of her dog many years prior.

Carl's Newfoundland is called Chino - breed name Ch. Sandbears Cappachino and he also wanted me to write this on the portrait when it was completed. I am able to create any kind of text on the pencil portraits, often the name of the dog is written under the portrait, or if your dog is wearing a collar it can be written on the tag also.

Carl had taken some lovely photos while out walking with Chino and felt they would be perfect for a pencil portrait. We decided that 16 x 12 would be the perfect size for Chino and you can see the final outcome of the pencil drawing above. I have also added a few of the reference photos I worked from below. Carl is a joiner and so he made a frame for Chino himself and give it to his family for Christmas. He also ordered a print from and i have included a testimonial from Carl, although we also spoke on the phone many times.


Fantastic I love it, thank you very much.
Cheers Carl.   Chinos birthday today 6 years young !  : ))


newfoundland pet portrait and the print


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