Selection of Latest Pencil Pet Portraits

Welcome! My pencil drawing gallery is updated regularly with some of my favourite commissioned pieces or those with a good story to tell. If you would like to commission a pencil portrait, please do get in touch. I can be messaged via email or WhatsApp. Please note that I have limited availability for my commissioned drawings. I accept around 20 commissions per year, all of which take many hours to complete. They are hand drawn by myself and once completed, hand wrapped and packaged in a beautiful archival luxury black box with tissue paper and ribbon. Perfect to give as a gift to a loved one.


January 2024 - Pencil Drawing of Mollie

My pencil drawing of Mollie was completed for my client Dan to give to his wife as a birthday surprise. I was really thrilled to be able to draw Mollie, such a beautiful Spaniel and one of my favourite breeds to portray. Dan and myself conversed via WhastApp to arrange the portrait. Read the message below when he saw my completed drawing. You can also see a few stages of the packaging process which I delicately hand pack myself.

"Absolutely Perfect. I love it. Thank you so much. It catches the look she gives us so often. I cant wait to give it to Louise. Dan"


Latest Pencil Pet Portraits

November 2023 - Two Portraits of Sam

Mike and his family contacted my after their beloved Golden Retriever passed away. They wanted two portraits of Sam, one where she was a little younger and one slightly older. This was a lovely way to remember Sam, as dogs certainly do change as they mature. Mike and his family were over the moon with the drawings as you can read below.

"I can't describe the emotions that came over my wife and I. Incredible and thank your husband as well you are truly an amazing artist"
"Thank you for the artwork of Sam. We received them today and bought tears to our eyes. Thank you for everything"


Two Pencil Pet Portraits of Sam

August 2023 - Drawing of Leon

Working with returning customers for my pencil pet portraits is always a pleasure. Adriana from Brazil got in touch as she wanted to commission a pencil drawing of her gorgeous Frenchie Leon. Isn't he adorable! Adriana was thrilled with my drawing and now Leon will match the other drawing I completed in size and style too.

"I simply loved so so much!!! Adriana"


Pencil Pet Portrait of Leon

May 2023 - Portrait of Ted

Ted's portrait was created for Victoria to give as a birthday surprise to her husband. Victoria sent these messages via WhatsApp when she saw the final photos of Ted's portrait. I absolutely loved reading Victoria's messages via WhatApp, it really came from the heart and I am sure that her husband was equally impressed when he received his drawing.

"THESE are unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like just absolutely beautiful!
I can’t fault it
Thank you SO much
My husband will be beside himself
These are so special I am just GOODNESS me look at it!
Thank you!"


Latest Pencil Pet Portraits

March 2023 - Portrait of Betty

The pencil drawing of Betty was commission as a 60th birthday gift by my client Amy for her mum from their entire family. As a joint gift you can imagine there was a lot of input into the chosen photo, however I am really glad they chose this photo to work with. It was perfect for a pencil drawing and I absolutely loved drawing Betty from start to finish. She was a delight to draw and Amy's mum was thrilled.

"Just to confirm I received the picture yesterday and my mum has it now - absolutely loves it! Thank you very much! Amy"


Latest Pencil Pet Portraits

March 2023 - Portrait of Kipling

My client Maria commissioned me to create a large 24 x 18 montage drawing of her dog Kipling also featuring a drawing of their younger dog Percy in the bottom right hand corner. The next portrait will be a portrait of Percy when he matures, with Kipling in the corner too. Maria wanted to depict Kipling's beautiful mane which I hope that I have captured well for them.

"It's magnificent! You've really got him and we are absolutely delighted. Thank you so much for doing justice to our lovely golden boy. Maria"


Pencil Pet Portraits

December 2022 - The Drawing of 7 Dogs

The seven dog portrait was completed as a Christmas gift to give as a present from one good friend to another in the USA. It was no mean feat to draw. It took a long time to complete each dog and I think it came out beautifully. Georgia who commissioned it, was over the moon and sent a photo of the portrait framed. The framers were given permission to add the names of the dogs onto the artwork once it arrived as it was something Georgia had forgotten to ask me to do. All's well that ends well!

"Your masterpiece arrived and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with your work Melanie. Your work is second to NONE!!! You captured each of the dogs beautifully and I just know my friend is going to be left speechless. I know I’ve given her something she will love and cherish for a lifetime. I can’t wait for her to see your work.

Melanie, you are a very gifted artist and I must also compliment your packing and your presentation box. It’s lovely and I’m taking pictures of it to show my friend. Have a wonderfully happy holiday season Melanie and again thank you so very much. Your website is beautiful and draws the viewer in by the stunning work you display in it. It caught my eye right away and I knew YOU were the artist I wanted to do my work. One of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made.
I’m sending you a huge hug of thanks and good will.
Georgia Xoxo"


Latest Pencil Pet Portraits

September 2022 - Ava

Ava is a beautiful standard Poodle who was commissioned by my client Andrew as a gift for his fathers 100th birthday. Andrew asked to have the sofa included behind, however slightly lighter to allow full focus on Ava. This also not only give interests within the scene it also adds placement and personalization too, as it's their family sofa where the pattern is recognisable.

Pencil Pet Portraits

June 2022 - Kegan's Pencil Drawing

Daisy contacted me in 2022 enquiring about a portrait of her parents dog called Kegan who had sadly passed away. Daisy wanted to get them a really special portrait that they could treasure. The photo was one of her parents favourites and so we opted that one, minus the blankets with Kegan's face printed on! Daisy sent some amazing photos of her parents opening the portrait which I have added below.

"Hi Melanie,
The photos of the drawing are absolutely incredible!!!! I’m blown away by how you have truly managed to capture her. You can see her sad little eyes perfectly. This is going to really give them something to smile about. The picture is perfect just how it is. I think without Kegan's face all over the bed it really puts the focus onto her. I don’t think there is a single adjustment I would like to make. It looks identical to the photo. Honestly I’m over the moon with it.
Thank you so much!!


Pencil Pet Portraits

May 2022 - Pencil Drawing of Swiffer

Haviland commissioned an 18 x 14 pencil drawing of her beautiful cat called Swiffer. I really enjoyed drawing Swiffer for Haviland and I'm glad she was thrilled with her portrait.

"That is beautiful, Melanie! I love it. It will fit great in my new home. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and realistic portrait of my Swiffer! Haviland."


Pencil Pet Portraits

March 2022 - Pencil Drawing of Dexter

Joe initially got in touch asking for an oil painting of Dexter, (as some of our regular viewers will know my husband Nicholas is also a pet portrait artist and specialises in oils). However the more we spoke, the more Joe thought a pencil drawing would be perfect for Dexter. I very much enjoyed drawing him and this is what Joe said when he received the portrait...

"Hi Melanie, I think it looks amazing. I think you captured him perfectly. I dropped the portrait off at the framer today and I can tell you the people that that saw it we're so complimentary and were amazed at the detail. They wanted your info!Thank you again so much. You are so talented. Joe"


Pencil Pet Portraits

March 2022 - Flipette

My client Benoit ordered a gift voucher for his friend Laurent as he wanted to gift a portrait of his gorgeous dog Flipette. Laurent was delighted and immediately set about taking photos of her for a portrait. As you can see he opted for the 14 x 11 size to accommodate the chest and markings. Both Benoit and Laurent were absolutely delighted with the portrait which you can see below.

Pencil Pet Portraits

December 2021 - Pencil Portrait of Beano

I was so thrilled to be able to draw a pencil portrait of Beano. The photo was absolutely perfect for a portrait, plenty of detail and at a fantastic angle, also taken outside in bright sunshine. My client Ellen commissioned the drawing for a surprise Christmas gift for her husband.

"I'm stunned by those photos, they are fantastic. You have such a talent! Ellen also messaged when she sent a photo of her husband with the final portrait framed and very happy! - Adam, my husband was so happy with the picture. He has it on the wall of his study so it's directly in his line of sight while he's working. Thank you for doing such an amazing job! Ellen."


Pencil Pet Portraits

October 2021 - Pencil Portrait of Watson

The portrait of Watson was commission by Alistair and Tana of their gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback. They initially asked for an oil painting but opted to have a classic pencil drawing of him instead. I thoroughly enjoyed drawing him and hope you all like the outcome below.

Pencil Pet Portraits

March 2021 - Pencil Portrait of Jasper

Josie commissioned me to create a pencil drawing of her mums dog called Jasper as a surprise. Josie's mum was over the moon with the final portrait and very kindly had her photo take with Jasper and the portrait when it was framed.

"My mother just received the portrait. She LOVES IT! It’s amazing — she can’t stop talking about it. And your card was so thoughtful Melanie!"
Thank you again!! Josie"


Pencil Pet Portraits

December 2020 - Pencil Portrait of Crumble

I have completed a number of pencil drawings for Sarah and this time she commissioned me to draw her Spaniel Crumble. She is absolutely adorable and I loved every minute of drawing her.

"It’s amazing - you have caught her perfectly - thank you so much! Sarah"


Pencil Pet Portraits

December 2020 - Horse Portrait of Freya

This was a really lovely commission where Phil asked me to draw a portrait of Freya, a dearly loved and missed horse belonging to Phil's wife. As you can see and read from the testimonial below, the portrait was a great success.

"Melanie, Please see attached as promised, one happy person. Likewise you have made this a great experience at a sensitive time. Thank you x Phil"


Pencil Pet Portraits

November 2020 - Portrait of Tosca

Allie is another returning client who has commissioned me to draw her dogs. This time is for the turn of Tosca, the most beautiful spaniel. The pose is simply delightful and perfect for a pencil drawing. You can see the photo below shows Tosca framed and displayed with one of my other drawings too of dearly missed spaniel called Monty.

"We are delighted with the wonderful drawing you have done of Tosca and cannot wait to hang it next to the one of Monty."


Pencil Pet Portraits

November 2020 - Pencil Portrait of Dilly

Charlotte was gifted one of my pet portraits vouchers for her beautiful dog called Dilly. Charlotte has an array of photos however we settled on this photo and decided to lessen the shadows across her face. I hope you like the portrait as much as Charlotte did!

Pencil Pet Portraits

April 2020 - Cat Portraits of Lucy Lily and Leo

Returning client Kevin commissioned a second portrait of his cats and they adopted a third! They felt that they all needed to be in their same portrait together which was wonderful. Kevin has taken a single photo of them all together which you can see next to the artwork below. I have added my mock-up as the floor they were sitting on would have detracted from the design. This way you can make out all of the tails! I have also added a wonderful photo of Kevin's wife with the portrait in their garden. We hope that the cats were also delighted too!

Pencil Pet Portraits

February 2020 - Portrait of Galak and Ortense

I enjoy working with French clients and Eitienne commissioned me from France to draw his two dogs Galak, the Australian Shepherd and Ortense, the French Bulldog. Etienne took single photos of his dogs and asked me to create a portrait of them standing side by side. I very much enjoyed drawing them both and you can read what Etienne said about the drawing below.

"Hi Melanie, Wow, are you a magician? You are perfectly on the tight lines. I don't know what you have done but we can totally recognise her: she is Galak! And Ortense is perfect as the portrait of Memphis we have seen on your website, so gorgeous! Many many thanks. Etienne"


Pencil Pet Portraits
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