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German Shepherd Pet Portraits by Melanie Phillips

German Shepherd pet portraits


Reference Photos

German Shepherd Pet Portraits reference photos
German Shepherd reference photos
German Shepherd reference photos for the portrait

'Romy' - German Shepherd Pet Portraits

Caroline Green, USA contacted me in 2013 as they had seen some of my German Shepherd Pet Portraits on my website. Caroline's family's German Shepherd sadly passed away and Caroline wanted to get a portrait for her husband for Christmas. Caroline contacted me quite near Christmas so it wasn't really possible for me to complete the drawing and have it shipped to the USA however Caroline was very happy for me to arrange a gift voucher pack and send that over so that she could present this to her husband at Christmas.

We arranged all of the details of the portrait, Caroline emailed me many beautiful photos of Romy, and one in particular caught my eye which I wanted to use for the basis of the portrait. The camera had blurred the background and I felt it would be a perfect background for the drawing so I planned to include this too.

Once we had confirmed all of the details - the photo and the size of portrait which was 16 x 12, i collated a personalized voucher pack and sent it over along with adding Romy to my client list on the Studio Diary. Caroline's husband could then visit my studio diary on Christmas Day to see Romy ready in my client list to be drawn in 2014.

I have added a final scan of my pencil portrait of Romy above and sent it over to Caroline in the US where she had the portrait framed. Caroline very kindly emailed me a wonderful photo that she took once the portrait had been hung in situ along with her husband. We are thrilled to be able to add it to our website here and are so pleased that Caroline and her family are happy with their portrait!

German Shepherd Pet Portraits Happy Client

Happy Clients Testimonials

Melanie- this looks amazing!!!!! I am thrilled - it looks even better than I had hoped. You did a great job of capturing Romy. My husband is very excited. Thank you so, so much. Caroline


I wanted to let you know we received Romy today! Looks even better in person - we can't wait to get it framed so we can put it up. Thanks again



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