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Pencil Pet Portraits - Pencil Drawings by Melanie Phillips

Welcome to my pencil pet portraits. I am a professionally trained pencil pet portrait artist working from my lovely garden studio in the UK. I can be commissioned worldwide for my pencil pet portraits, all of the portraits you see here in my gallery are hand drawn by myself using the finest quality materials.


By clicking on each image it will take you to a new page where you can see the pencil pet portraits in more detail, along with the reference photos. You can also read testimonials from the clients and photos of the portraits framed too.

My pencil portraits are also bespoke and are drawn to fit the size of paper you have ordered. Head studies will have approximately a 2 inch space between the image and the edge of the paper. Portraits with backgrounds will be drawn with approximately 1 inch space around the edge of the paper. This will allow the framer to attach a mount / matt to the portrait and you will have gained the largest possible sized drawing on the size you have ordered.

melanie working at her easel
boxer pencil drawings labrador pet portraits spaniel pet portraits
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hungarian visla pencil portrait horse portraits in pencil cat portrait
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rhodesian ridgeback pencil drawing labrador pencil portrait horse portraits pencil
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horse pencil portraits german shepherd pencil pet portraits horse pet portraits
newfoundland portrait   cockapoo small
french bull dog portraits cat pet portraits
Jungi and Daisy
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flat coated retrievers
flat coated retriever pencil portrait
Maddie and Jacob
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Jenson, Liffey and Forrest
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horse drawing
spaniel pet portraits in pencil
Maverick and Goosse
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flat coated retriever pencil montage graphite pencil pet portraits
Fritzie vom Wildförstersee 'Frog'
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horse pencil pet portrait montage dog portraits
Monty and Duffy
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montage pencil portrait
jack russell pencil portraits
  labrador pencil portrait

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