fine art pencil pet portraits by commission

Langham Gold Pet Portraits Frame

Welcome to my Langhan Gold frame. This frame is a very substantial and luxurious frame. It comes in two colours - Langham Gold and Langham Silver, along with two sizes - wide and narrow depending on the size of your portrait. The hayseed cream mounts look beautiful with the gold and the black edges and it finishes the frame off beautifully.

This frame is suitable for an engraved plaque and we would recommend ordering the mirrored Brass / Bronze colour. Amanda makes this frame bespoke for each of my clients, if you are interested in ordering one for your portrait, let me know and I will obtain a quote for you.


Langham Gold Frame Langham Gold Frame Langham Gold Frame



Hi Melanie,
I just wanted to tell you that everyone here that has seen your portrait of Holly loves it! It makes me sad to see him, I feel like I could reach out and touch him. We are so excited to give it to Justin (my brother). Now my family is talking about portraits of all of our other pets...there are a lot of them.
Thank you so much,


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