fine art pencil pet portraits by commission

Framing for Pet Portraits in Pencil

Visit each framing gallery below to view beautiful photos of my pencil pet portraits framed. I have a wonderful framer called Amanda who makes all of my frames. Amanda can always find something perfect to suit your taste and your home decor, just let me know your ideas. Along with the clients input, we come up with the perfect combination of mount / matt and frame that will work well with the portrait and your home décor. Prices start from £150. Also complete your portrait with an engraved plaque too, view photos and read more at the first link below. Drop me a line at any time with your ideas.


Engraved Plaques
Bayswater Frame
Madison Slate Frame
Madison Frame
Allerton Pewter Frame
Craigowan Frame
Warwick Frame
Sandringham Silver
Windsor Wash Frame
Driftwood Frame
Albany Onyx Frame
Osborne Frame
Langham Gold Frame
Windlesham Frame


Calculating your Overall Frame Size

Framing Drawing Information

If you are commissioning a pencil drawing and are trying to work out what the overall frame size might be, the following information should be helpful.

All pencil drawings must be framed under glass, so this means you need a mount / mat to keep the glass from laying on the pencil drawing.

Lets take a 16" x 12" pencil portrait as an example, pictured right. The double mount using hayseed and a dark grey inner mount / mat is 1.5 inches. The portrait was then framed using the Allerton Pewter Frame which is 1.5 inches in width. This means that we need to add 6 inches to each measurement of our portraits size. So a 16" x 12" will become 24" x 20" framed.

This of course is an approximation as you might opt to have a really wide mount of say 5 inches and then your frame. It all depends on your choices and combinations for your portrait. If you have a specific space in mind in your home to display the artwork, it may be best to calculate the frame size and work back from there.


Mounts and Mats

Framing Drawing Information

Our framers have access to thousands of mount / mat colours. I have seen the samples and it is an unbelievable range of colours. They also have a variety of textured mounts / mats too. I tend to keep to the more natural colour pallet for my pencil drawings and the most popular mount colour is Hayseed using a line of colour underneath which adds interest.

Some of my clients however have chosen lots of bright colours or really dark colours and they look amazing! View the portrait of Rooney on the right. He was framed by my client using an orange mount / mat and a lovely shabby chic textured wooden frame. It works so well with Rooney’s portrait.


Which Frame Shall I Choose?

Framing Drawing Information

With such a huge choice of mouldings it really can be difficult to choose a frame for your drawing and if you need any help, just let me know. It would be helpful to know the kind of decor you have.

For instance, one of my recent clients told me she had just redecorated her living room in a range of warm greys and silver accents. So it seemed the perfect option to choose a silver frame and the Sandringham Silver worked really well for her.

I have access to an endless supply of designs and ideas, so just let me know your preference and we can discuss the frames that migth work for you and your home decor.


Glazing Options

Framing Drawing Information

The majority of my pencil drawings are packed up and sent worldwide and although I package my portraits incredibly well, I would never trust the postal system sending glass. Instead I use non breakable acrylics based glass. Artwork can get knocked off of the wall and it is far safer when you have children and pets to use the safety glass. It also won't damage the artwork if the drawing falls off the wall. If you are having the portrait framed yourself and you don't have the need to use shatter proof glass, there are a variety of different types of glass you can use. Your framer will give you the options available. Non reflective is the most popular as it is etched on one side which helps to reduce shine when the drawing is positioned in bright room.


Having your Pencil Drawing Framed with your Local Framer

There are some excellent frame shops out there who will be able to offer advice for framing your pencil portrait. A good framer should allow you to choose from a variety of different mouldings. If you take your pencil drawing along with you, they can show you mouldings and mounts / mats together, so you can see which design or combination would work best for you and your home decor. They should give you plenty choice and also explain to you about the different glazings options available along with the conservation grade materials they use. There are also a number of online frame shops where you can just order a frame online delivered to your door for you to frame the portraits yourself. An option if you feel you are able to choose this route.


How to Care for your Pencil Drawings

Framing Drawing Information

I am often asked by clients how to care for their pencil drawings when they arrive to them unframed. I send my unframed pencil drawings wrapped in cellophane. The cellophane is taped using Scotch Tape to keep it in place.

My advice would be to unwrap the outer packaging however leave the cellophane in place and leave your framer to unwrap it. This is important as oils from your fingers can damage the surface of the paper. Also if the drawing itself is touched or rubbed the graphite could possibly move and smudge. So if the drawing is kept safe in the cellophane, your framer, whom may possibly be wearing cloves or have very clean hands, can unwrap the portrait and place it straight in the frame for you. This will avoid any damage.

I use professional grade paper and pencils, so your portrait will not fade over time. Feel free to display the drawing anywhere in your home. I would advise however not to position the drawing in a hot or humid environment, in a bathroom for instance, or in bright direct sunlight for long periods of time.


Email me for advice on Framing your Drawing!

My portraits are created with much love and care and the framing is an equally important stage in the process. I am only an email away if you need any help or advice in choosing the right frame for you and your drawing.