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Our Chickens

I have kept chickens all of my life and I can never see myself without a clutch of hens scratching around our garden. When I was young and lived on the smallholding with my parents, at one point I had over 40 chickens, 3 guinea fowl and 3 ducks. Years later, moving to our little cottage I knew I wanted to make sure I had room for chickens. Maybe not 40, but the need for a small brood was top of my list. I bought with me one of my remaining hens who was 8 years old, a little Pekin Cochin cross, who was pretty feisty and had been a great mother in the past. So when she went broody I immediately looked locally for some fertile eggs. I have always wanted to keep Buff Orpington's and knew they were fairly docile so I looked specifically for that breed. Luckily I found some and all 8 eggs hatched! There were a few roosters which we re-homed. Years later we still have three elderly hens called Bumble, Chortle and Weazer.

Buff Orpington Chickens

All grown up, the photo below shows my trio in the early morning spring in our woodland garden. They love dry days! On rainy days they have a sheltered section under their raised house which has a large rubber mat for warmth covered in sawdust. They love nothing better than waiting out the rain keeping warm and dry until the rains stops.

Buff Orpington Chickens

The photo below shows Bumble, Chortle and Weazer waiting at the studio door for their daily cream cracker. It was a sunny day so Lily kept a watchful eye over them, to make sure they didn’t step into the studio! She is extremely good with them and has grown up with them so is quite happy to give them a sniff every now and again.

our chickens

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