fine art pencil pet portraits by commission

Madison Slate Pet Portraits Frame

The Madison slate frame is very similar to our Madison Taupe frame. Both framed for my pet portraits can be commissioned in two different widths, this being the widest moulding at 65mm. Both widths of mouldings work very well with my pencil drawings and these mouldings are currently my favourite frames for my portraits. They are absolutely stunning, extremely well made and would work in many home decor settings. This frame has a very classic feel and the slate grey inner mount matches beautifully. It really enhanced the frame and the drawing.

The Madison frame is available in three finishes, this is the slate version, then of course we have the Madison Taupe version. Finally there is a very pretty Madison Chalk version, which is lighter and slightly distressed with silver edging. If you are interested in any of these frames for your portrait, just drop me a line and I can get a quote for you from my framer.


Madison Slate Frame Madison Slate Frame Madison Slate Frame Madison Slate Frame Madison Slate Frame Madison Slate Frame


The Eagle Has Landed!!-----My neighbour advises that the parcel arrived safely on Thursday. We can now leave unopened until I collect on Xmas Eve. Thank you so much. I will let you know after Christmas what the reaction from all is--know it will be great and, for an old guy, I am getting excited over this parcel opening session. Happy Christmas to you both and again with my sincere thanks


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