fine art pencil pet portraits by commission

Notting Hill Pet Portraits Frame

Welcome to the Notting Hill Frame. This moulding is simply stunning. These frames are commissioned by an amazing framing company, who has many years of skill of hand crafting frames not only for clients but also for galleries too. Each moulding is hand finished and so every frame they make is fairly unique. The subtle cream colour with under flecks of blue / grey work beautifully with the double mount with pale inner grey mounts too.

This moulding can also be hand finished in a mid or dark wood too, so if you are looking for something a little more 'wooden' and traditional, this is the perfect moulding for you. If you would like a quote from our framers, please do drop me a line at any time.

Notting Hill Frame.


Dear Melanie,
Please excuse me for not contacting you sooner. I LOVE my portrait of you know she had a terrible time and thankfully is now mending slowly. She has to have another op at the end of June in the hopes that her insides can be improved. Although she appears well, the illness damaged her intestines and she is so young we want to try and make life easier for her. Ian explained how stressful the whole portrait project was....knowing that if she didn't make it, the present wouldn't have seemed appropriate quite so soon after. BUT, she did, and we can all enjoy the fabulous portrait. Phew! Thanks for all your interest in her recovery.


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