fine art pencil pet portraits by commission

Cat Pet Portraits in Pencil by Melanie Phillips

cat pet portraits


Reference Photos

Baxters main pose for the pencil drawing cat pet portraits
cat pet portraits reference photos
A close up of Baxter for reference for the pencil drawing

About the Cat Pet Portraits Commission of 'Baxter'

Nick Richter contacted me in 2012 and enquired about my cat pet portraits as their family cat 'Baxter' had recently passed away. Nick emailed me a number of lovely photos of Baxter including one of him sitting in the sunshine in the garden which was his favorite place to relax and take in his surroundings. The photo was perfect for a portrait as it was not only great quality to work from, if the photo that you have really captured your cat well, showing their true personality and character - plus doing something in surroundings they love, it has to be the perfect photo to work with.

Nick decided he would opt for a 16 x 12 pencil portrait and you can see a number of emails Nick sent during and after the cat portraits process, while i was drawing Baxter and one of Nicks questions was asking about sending framed portraits with glass over seas. Yes i can ship framed portraits, all of the portraits I have framed which are going to be packed and shipped use a type of Acrylic based non breakable glass. This is much safer for traveling and looks just the same as normal glass but not so heavy. along with the reference photos and a photo of the portrait in situ too! We absolutely love it when our clients send us photos of their portrait when it arrives to them.

Nick was very kind as once the portrait has arrived to him, he took a range of photos of Baxter's cat portrait hanging in situ in his home. I am always thrilled to see where my pet portraits end up, so that I can imagine them at their destination. I sit and work with each of my drawings for a long time, it feels as though i get to know each animal individually and so its wonderful to see it all follow through right to the final stage. I am so pleased that Nick and his family are happy with their portrait!


Hi Melanie,
I am very pleased with the portrait as is. The more I look at it the more Baxter comes alive! No changes necessary. I am eager to see the original.
Can you ship a finished portrait frame and glass to US? I most like the honey knot frame.
Thanks for your prompt completion of the work.


Hi Melanie,
The portrait is just gorgeous. I'm glad I had you frame it. Thanks for posting it completed so we could look at it.
I'm looking forward to actually seeing the portrait!


Hi Melanie,
Attached is a photo of where we hung Baxter's portrait next to our family photos over the fireplace. Thanks so much for creating Baxter's page on your website. It brings tears to my eyes every time I look at it.
Best wishes,


cat pet portraits framed


cat pet portraits in pencil framed


cat pet portraits in pencil on my mini easel cat pet portraits of Baxter displayed in my clients home


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