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Cat Pencil Pet Portrait

Welcome to my cat pencil pet portrait drawing of Baxter. Cats are wonderful to create drawings of using graphite pencil, the fine and varied grades of the pencil allow me to create the fine hairs of the cats fur beautifully. Read more about Baxer and see the portrait in my clients home displayed on the wall too!

cat pet portraits


About the Commission of Baxter

Pencil portraits reference photos

Nick Richter contacted me in 2012 and enquired about my cat pet portraits as their family cat 'Baxter' had recently passed away. Nick emailed me a number of lovely photos of Baxter including one of him sitting in the sunshine in the garden which was his favourite place to relax and take in his surroundings. The photo was perfect for a portrait.

Nick decided he would opt for a 16 x 12 pencil portrait and you can see a number of emails Nick sent during and after the cat portraits process,

Nick was very kind as once the portrait has arrived to him, he took a range of photos of Baxter's cat portrait hanging in situ in his home.. I am so pleased that Nick and his family are happy with their portrait and and really grateful for the photo too! If clients are looking to have their portraits framed I have a lovely selection of frames which you can see here - Framing Gallery.


Hi Melanie,
I am very pleased with the portrait as is. The more I look at it the more Baxter comes alive! No changes necessary. I am eager to see the original.
Thanks for your prompt completion of the work.


Hi Melanie,
The portrait is just gorgeous. I'm glad I had you frame it. Thanks for posting it completed so we could look at it.
I'm looking forward to actually seeing the portrait!


Hi Melanie,
Attached is a photo of where we hung Baxter's portrait next to our family photos over the fireplace. Thanks so much for creating Baxter's page on your website. It brings tears to my eyes every time I look at it.
Best wishes,

The Portrait with my Pencils

I have taken some photos of my pencil drawing framed which you can see below.

cat pet portraits framed cat pet portraits in pencil framed cat pet portraits in pencil on my mini easel

The Portrait in Situ

Here is a photo of the portrait in situ in my clients home!

cat pet portraits of Baxter


Cat Pencil Pet Portrait

If you have a cat and would like me to create a portrait of them, perhaps similar to the drawing of Baxter, send me your photos and let me know your ideas for a drawing. Visit my contact page to contact me today!


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